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Professional Palm

A new concept.

An Idea is Born

As an educated customer, a person who works hard for their money.  It is time consuming searching for & setting up multiple tree companies in order to compare bids. 
As a premier tree broker, Professional Palm was designed to take that hassle away.  Our Estimators will take the time to listen, evaluate, and give you a fair and honest bid.  However, what sets us apart is that we have multiple companies that we represent.  This gives you the consumer an opportunity to truly have a voice. Tell the estimator what you believe the job should be. (Must be a reasonable offer).  Our estimator will shop the job with one of the many companies Professional Palms represents.  No more haggling, or wondering if you received a fair deal.

Why use an Arborist?

A trained Arborist is key to maintaining the health of your tree(s). Able to diagnose diseases and eliminate insects that attack and destroy branches, limbs, & eventually the core of the tree leading to death.
An Arborist will locate cross branching, remove dead or weak branches, open and balance the canopy.  This will create a stronger structure and lesson the potential for storm damage.  It will also increase curve appeal and in many areas property value.

Services Offered

Organic Deep Root Fertilization

Why Us?

Professional Palm was designed to save you time and money.  We want your business and don't believe in a non-negotiation practice.  We represent the finest Certified Arborists, Tree Climbers, & Estimators in the industry.